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Victoria Secret try on haul

Victoria Secret is a well-known lingerie and clothing brand that has customers all over the world. Recently, one brunette girl-next-door took up the challenge of trying on Victoria Secret clothes for her very own try on haul. From bras to panties, from jackets to sweatpants – she tried it all and captured it in an epic video for her YouTube channel. 

The video starts with her trying on the classic Victoria Secret items such as lacy bras and matching panties. She also puts together some really cute outfits using pieces like shorts with graphic tees and bomber jackets with jeans. Her style is effortless yet chic, something we can all relate to! She even shares tips throughout the haul to help viewers get creative with their own looks. Overall, this try on haul is sure to inspire everyone who watches it!

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Deanna Ritter in lingerie

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Noami Fergan in bikini