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Brunette Melissa Deines from Germany

Brunette Melissa Deines from Germany

Brunette Melissa Deines is making a name for herself on Instagram. The Germany native is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel influencers around, sharing her journeys and experiences with her nearly 900 thousand followers.

Deines loves to share stunning photos of the places she visits, giving an honest representation of what life is like in these destinations. She has traveled to over 29 countries, including the United States, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Australia. Her amazing photos capture everything from beautiful landscapes to interesting architecture and ancient ruins.

Deines’ travel blog also contains helpful advice and tips for those looking to explore different parts of the world. From packing lists to budgeting tips and more—followers can find it all on her Instagram page! Follow @melissadeines today for your daily dose of wanderlust inspiration!

Name : Melissa Deines

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Cover photo by : melissadeines

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