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Brunette bikini babe Maddy Cheary

Brunette bikini babe Maddy Cheary

Cover photo by : maddycheary/

Maddy Cheary is the bikini babe that has taken Instagram by storm. With her stunning curves and bubbly personality, Maddy has been dubbed a modern day pin-up girl.

The 24 year old from California began posting photos to Instagram in early 2020 as part of her fitness journey. As soon as she started sharing her workout routines and healthy meal plans, Maddy’s followers quickly grew exponentially. She now has close to 500 thousand fans following her every move on a daily basis.

Maddy is not only beloved for her physique but also for the inspiring messages she shares with other women about self-love and body positivity. She encourages others to ditch diets and focus on leading a balanced lifestyle with plenty of movement and nutritious foods so they can feel empowered in their own bodies no matter what size or shape they are!

Name : Maddy Cheary

Instagram account : maddycheary/ 

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