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Natalie Angelica in different outfits

Natalie Angelica is a rising Youtube star who is known for her unique fashion sense and talent. Natalie has been creating content on Youtube since 2016, and in that time she has built up an audience of over one million subscribers. Her channel showcases her impressive range of outfits – from comfy streetwear to glamorous evening gowns – as well as her ability to mix and match different colours and textures. Whether she’s wearing a casual two-piece set or a sparkly jumpsuit, Natalie always looks amazing!

Not only does Natalie create stylish looks, she also offers valuable tips on how to dress for different occasions. She shares advice on how to shop more ethically, where to find the best deals, and even provides styling tutorials for those who want to recreate some of her most popular looks.

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Brunette bikini babe Maddy Cheary

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