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Bri Laurennn in Lounge Lingerie

The new lingerie line, Lounge Lingerie, is taking the internet by storm with its luxurious and glamorous designs. Its latest muse, Bri Laurennn, has been trying on the pieces for her followers and showcasing their beauty. With over 1 million followers worldwide, Bri’s social media presence reaches millions of fans who have grown to love her try-on videos.

In her most recent video, Bri tried on a selection from Lounge Lingerie’s stunning collection. From sultry one-piece bodysuits to chic lace bralettes and thongs in a rainbow of colors, each piece was as unique as it was beautiful. Seeing all of them together gave viewers an insight into how versatile the look can be – something that’s often missing when shopping online for lingerie.

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Noami Fergan is a social media star and a fitness influencer who recently took to Instagram to share some sexy pictures of herself in a two-piece bikini.

Noami Fergan in bikini

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