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Blonde tattoo girl Summer Soderstrom

Summer Soderstrom is a US model who has been making a name for herself in the beauty and fashion industry. With over half a million subscribers on her socials, Summer has quickly become one of the most popular social influencers with her amazing body and tattoos.

Since then, she’s gained online fame for creating videos about everything from makeup tutorials to lifestyle vlogs, all while showcasing her unique blond tattoos- which are now an iconic part of her look! Summer’s channel serves as an inspiration to many young people around the world with its positive messages and encouraging words about self-love and body acceptance.

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Hot brunette Ruby Blake

Hot brunette Ruby Blake

Ellen Munday has become an Instagram sensation known for her busty blonde looks. The model, originally from England, is taking the world by storm with her bright blue eyes and enviable figure.

Blonde hot girl Ellen Munday